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Latest GATE IES PSU 2020 : Self Study Kit (Topper Notes)

“Students who cleared IES/GATE/PSU Exam Kindly review our notes in comment section. Guide us if any topic or subject needs to be updated or any other suggestion – feedback – appreciation. “

Are you confused between to do self preparation or doing coaching for GATE 2020 And IES 2020?
If you are confused and not able attend coachings then there are many ways by which you can get good rank in engineering services exam and GATE exam.

We are providing you the best notes so you may prepare from them and can achieve your goal. Self study is everything and if you do coaching and don’t study at home then it is also a waste of time and money. So if you want to do self study and want to save your money and time for GATE or IES exam then must read these notes.


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Don’t waste your 4 years of engineering and after engineering don’t criticize yourself – Only Read-Read-And-Read Daily …

  • While others were hoping, I was having burning desire
  • While others were busy in making friends, I was making plan, my master plan
  • While others were chatting, I was executing my strategy
  • While others were watching movies in theatre, I was reading books in library
  • While others were travelling , I was reading more lengthy books.
  • While others were busy in extra-curricular activities, I was practicing examples
  • While others were doing social networking, I deacivated my account on Facebook for almost one & half year.
  • While others were playing games, I was doing revision of syllabus
  • While others were busy in attending social gathering, I was solving previous year’s papers
  • While others were roaming, I started appearing practice tests
  • While others were deciding ‘what to do in future?’, I was confused which PSU to select or wait for IES final result.

Is there any trick to get good rank in GATE?
Yes there is a trick which every engineering student follow. Here we are providing you the collection of handwritten notes of meritorious students having good writing also.

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IES Paper 1

(General Studies And Engineering Aptitude)

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SSC+Bank Notes



Why these notes?
These notes are made in easy language and covers the major area of GATE exam. Even if you understand these notes and keep practicing previous year papers then getting good job as IES Officer or PSU employee not that much difficult for you.

What are the specialty of these notes?
1. These notes are prepared by meritorious students.
2. Good Handwriting
3. Simple Language
4. Cover all syllabus [As Per Latest Syllabus]
5. Cover interview questions
6. Notebooks From Topper Students

What is the process to get these notes?
You have to pay a sum of 2499/2999/750/4499- by clicking on the link provided above and below, and after this you can purchase the notes by your credit or debit card or net banking.

Why these notes have this price?
IESTOPPER.COM don’t earn any profit from this study material, this material is created for students who don’t afford coaching or those students who are studying in coaching but there concepts are week. All notes are in separate booklets. Mostly notes are of 7-11 Kg. All your technical and non technical subjects are covered in these notes so your confusion between doing coaching or self preparation for GATE 2020, IES 2020 and other competition exams is resolved, you don’t have to go beyond these notes because these notes cover all syllabus. These notes are made after sitting 10 hours daily during preparation time by toppers to get top ranks.

Which branch notes do you sell?
1. Handwritten Mechanical Engineering (ME) Notes
2. Handwritten Electrical Engineering (EN) Notes
3. Handwritten Electronics Engineering (EC)Notes
4. Handwritten Civil Engineering (CE)Notes
5. Handwritten Computer Science Engineering (CS/IT) Notes
6. Handwritten Instrumentation Engineering (IN) Notes
7. Handwritten Chemical Engineering(CH) Notes


  1. IES Paper 1 Means – GENERAL Studies And Engineering Aptitude(GS&EA) – Project Management+Ethics+Quality+Maintenance+Environment+Maths+Aptitude+GS+ICT+Drawing+Material Science
  2. SSC+Bank Notes are By SSCNOTES.IN {Our Trusted Partner}


How will I get?
After your payment we will deliver these notes by courier(city area) or speed post(rural area).

Where can I track my parcel?
You will receive an email within 48 hours, and notes will be deliver to you in 5-9 days.

Material Provided :
Mechanical Engineering Handwritten Notes For GATE+IES+PSU 2020

01. Fluid Mechanics (FM) IES+GATE+PSU Notes
02. Production Engineering IES+GATE+PSU Notes
03. Strength Of Material (SOM) IES+GATE+PSU Notes
04. Machine Design IES+GATE+PSU Notes
06. Machine Tools IES+GATE+PSU Notes
07. IC Engine IES+GATE+PSU Notes
08. Power Plant IES+GATE+PSU Notes
09. Heat And Mass Transfer IES+GATE+PSU Notes
10. Industrial Engineering IES+GATE+PSU Notes
11. Thermodynamics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
12. Theory Of Machines IES+GATE+PSU Notes
13. Engineering Mechanics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
14. Material Science IES+GATE+PSU Notes
15. Mechatronics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
16. Robitics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
17. Renewable Source Of Energy IES+GATE+PSU Notes
18. GATE Mathematics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
19. GATE Aptitude IES+GATE+PSU Notes

Check Mechanical IES 2020 Paper 1 Material Below (Common To All Branch)

Civil Engineering Handwritten Notes For GATE+IES+PSU 2020

01. Building Material IES+GATE+PSU Notes
02. Strength Of Material (SOM) IES+GATE+PSU Notes
03. Fluid Mechanics (FM) IES+GATE+PSU Notes
04. Surveying IES+GATE+PSU Notes
05. Structural Analysis IES+GATE+PSU Notes
07. Environmental Engineering IES+GATE+PSU Notes
08. Hydrology IES+GATE+PSU Notes
10. Railway IES+GATE+PSU Notes
11. Highway IES+GATE+PSU Notes
12. Irrigation IES+GATE+PSU Notes
13. Design Of Steel IES+GATE+PSU Notes
14. Soil Mechanics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
15. Geotechnology IES+GATE+PSU Notes
16. GATE Mathematics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
17. GATE Aptitude IES+GATE+PSU Notes

Check Civil IES 2020 Paper 1 Material Below (Common To All Branch)

Electrical Engineering Handwritten Notes For GATE+IES+PSU 2020

01. Analog Electronics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
02. Communication IES+GATE+PSU Notes
03. Control system IES+GATE+PSU Notes
04. Digital Electronics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
07. Electrical Machine IES+GATE+PSU Notes
08. Material Science IES+GATE+PSU Notes
09. Microprocessor IES+GATE+PSU Notes
10. Network Theory IES+GATE+PSU Notes
11. Power Electronics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
12. Power System IES+GATE+PSU Notes
13. Signal System IES+GATE+PSU Notes
14. Computer Fundamental IES+GATE+PSU Notes
15. Basic and advance Electronics Engineering IES+GATE+PSU Notes
16. GATE Mathematics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
17. GATE Aptitude IES+GATE+PSU Notes

Check Electrical IES 2020 Paper 1 Material Below (Common To All Branch) 

Electronics Engineering Handwritten Notes For GATE+IES+PSU 2020

01. Analog Electronics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
02. Communication IES+GATE+PSU Notes
03. Control system IES+GATE+PSU Notes
04. Digital Electronics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
08. Material Science IES+GATE+PSU Notes
09. Microprocessor IES+GATE+PSU Notes
10. Network Theory IES+GATE+PSU Notes
11. Microwave IES+GATE+PSU Notes
12. Computer Organization IES+GATE+PSU Notes
13. Signal System IES+GATE+PSU Notes
14. Basic Electrical Engineering IES+GATE+PSU Notes
15. Basic And Advance Electronics Engineering IES+GATE+PSU Notes
16. Advance Communication Engineering IES+GATE+PSU Notes
17. GATE Mathematics IES+GATE+PSU Notes
18. GATE Aptitude IES+GATE+PSU Notes

Check Electronics IES 2020 Paper 1 Material Below (Common To All Branch)

Computer Science Engineering Handwritten Notes For GATE+PSU 2020

01. Algorithm GATE+PSU Notes
02. Compiler GATE+PSU Notes
03. Computer Network GATE+PSU Notes
04. Data Structure GATE+PSU Notes
06. Digital GATE+PSU Notes
07. Discrete Mathematics GATE+PSU Notes
08. Operating System GATE+PSU Notes
09. Theory Of Computation GATE+PSU Notes
10. Sofware Engineering GATE+PSU Notes
11. Computer Organization GATE+PSU Notes
12. GATE Mathematics GATE+PSU Notes
13. GATE Aptitude GATE+PSU Notes

Instrumentation Engineering Handwritten Notes For GATE+PSU 2020

01. Analog Electronics GATE+PSU Notes
02. Signal System GATE+PSU Notes
03. Communication GATE+PSU Notes
04. Control System GATE+PSU Notes
05. Digital Electronics GATE+PSU Notes
06. Measurement GATE+PSU Notes
07. Microprocessor GATE+PSU Notes
08. Network Theory GATE+PSU Notes
09. Optical And process control GATE+PSU Notes
10. Sensor and Industrial Instrument GATE+PSU Notes
11. GATE Mathematics GATE+PSU Notes
12. GATE Aptitude GATE+PSU Notes

Chemical Engineering Handwritten Notes For GATE+PSU 2020

01. Mechanical Operation GATE+PSU Notes
02. Process Calculation GATE+PSU Notes
03. Thermodynamics GATE+PSU Notes
04. Fluid Mechanics GATE+PSU Notes
05. Heat Transfer GATE+PSU Notes
06. Mass Transfer GATE+PSU Notes
07. Chemical Reaction Engineering GATE+PSU Notes
08. Plant Design And Economics GATE+PSU Notes
09. Instrumentation And process control GATE+PSU Notes
10. Chemical Technology GATE+PSU Notes

11. PDC GATE+PSU Notes
12. GATE Mathematics GATE+PSU Notes
13. GATE Aptitude GATE+PSU Notes

IES 2020 (Engineering Services Exam ESE) Notes : Paper 1 : Common To All

01. Engineering Aptitude covering Logical reasoning and Analytical ability IES Notes
02. Engineering Mathematics and Numerical Analysis IES Notes
03. General Principles of Design, Drawing, Importance of Safety IES Notes
04. Standards and Quality practices in production, construction, maintenance and services IES Notes
05. Basics of Energy and Environment : Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, Climate Change, Environmental impact assessment IES Notes
06. Basics of Project Management IES Notes
07. Basics of Material Science and Engineering IES Notes
08. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) based tools and their applications in Engineering such as networking, e-governance and technology based education. IES Notes
09. Ethics and values in Engineering profession IES Notes
10. Current issues of national and international importance relating to social, economic and industrial development. IES Notes

About Admin
I am Pradeep Singh Ex Made Easy student and make these self study notes with my Ex Made Easy and Ex Ace Academy student friends (who also qualified GATE and IES exam) for students who are not able to attend coaching classes. We made these notes during our self study and added things after exams also.
About Our Website Moto is started with an aim to provide all engineering guidance and GATE+IES+PSU hand written notes of students who successfully appeared for competitive exam’s like GATE IES and various PSU.
In India a lot of students after completing their engineering graduate course appear for competitive exams these students find it difficult to clear the exam in their first attempt because proper study material is not available for the exams. These students take a year drop to prepare for exams in various cities which involves a huge amount of cash in form of coaching institute fees and lodging. Lack of proper study material in local market is also a major problem. So we are here at to help you clear exams like GATE IES and various PSU in very first attempt while studying in your colleges final year or while doing you current job or trying to clear gate or engineering services exam without coaching. We at ensure that all the notes are completely neat and clean and covers the entire syllabus, all the topics are covered in appropriate sequence to maximize learning with lesser effort.


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      • Plz tell me these notes are really helpful for gate ece branch… and which package I wll prefer to purchase.. plzz suggest me

        • Notes will help you GATE IES and PSU exam and will help in other technical exams also. If you are planning to write only gate and psu exam then 2499 is sufficient for you, if you are planning to give gate+ies+psu and all technical exam then must go for 2999 package.
          many students prepare for gate+ies+psu exam and side by side they prepare for non technical exams like ssc cgl and banking and other exams so dor them 4499 package is best.

  105. is your material covers entire gate syllabus?.
    How much time required for us to complete preparation with this material?.does we get above 85 marks if we follow this material.

  106. Im sultan ahmad .im presuing in mechanical engineering in 2nd year. I’ll qualified at 2020.i wanna to prepare both IES and gate exam toghter. If I’ll take your notes now.then will it be better for me..

  107. can i purchase notes for individual subjects??I need Algo DS and Maths

  108. I’m from branch mechanical…. what is the difference between that 2499 & 2999 n what abt that 4499 which one should I buy ????? plz suggest me…

  109. hello i paid 2499 for chemical handwriteen notes but i dont need ies notes what should i do now??

  110. I live in Bilaspur chatisgarh then how much time Is taken for delivery

  111. bro do the notes include all derivations and compete syllabus of mechie…..?

  112. Selected in ISRO, helpful material

  113. hello sir, i am mechanical engineering… this notes are also helpful for state PSC engineering service examination?

  114. Sir , i m btech mechanical pass out 2017 batch.
    I have passed my btech with 70% cheating and in my 12th I got 58% .
    Recently I found an interest within me to prepare for gate psu 2019 , but everyone around me is telling me to not go for preparing for it because it’s very difficult.
    Sir , can u please suggest me the right thing to do ?

    • Don’t listen to anyone, if you can work hard then do preparation. IES ascharya Bansal sir (made easy faculty) also not get above 60 percent. But he now IES officer and faculty at made easy Delhi center.

      • Sir , then class room coaching or your notes . What should I go for ?

        • Sir we give our best in notes and students are also got selected in IES, GATE,PSU,ISRO,BSNL State PCS and other exams. Coaching going students are also using our notes. Joining coaching or doing self study is person to person choice.

  115. I receive my is good for preparation.Now I have a hope on these notes to acheive my dream.Thanks begun is half done.

  116. Can you please tell me what’s the difference between the following two-
    1) ( gate +ies + psu)
    2) (gate + ies + psu + ies paper 1)
    In part 2 if ies paper 1 includes all G’s topics then is there any need to separately buy ies paper 1 ( general studies and engg aptitude )

    • After IES-GATE-PSU-IES Paper1 there is no need to but GS and EA package seperatly. 2999/- package means 2449+750 package and 250 off is given because we don’t have to parcel seperate package

  117. sir i m preparing for ies but i dont want general study part,i want only civil engg subject notes
    then which i have to buy…????

  118. Best notes, many questions were asked in today’s IES exam. Very Very Very good job sir. Thnku prelims samjho nikal gaya iss saal

  119. I want to apply again 2019…this material is latest or i can get latest one after few moths!!

  120. Satisfied with quality and price. Contest is very good. Price is also Ok . Thnku for this

  121. Notes are good. It will be nice if you start your coaching institute also with minimal fee. Made easy and ace academy are now out of my budget

  122. Is this new latest Madeeasy NOTES…?

  123. If i refer only these notes can i get good marks in gate or i have to refer something more than this??

  124. Sir I am from civil engineering branch and i will be passing out inn 2018 i want to prepare for ESE 2019(both paper 1((included with general studies) and conventional) as well as GATE 2019 and State Service Exams.Can you please suggest me the best option of the above.

  125. Sir,I belongs to electronics and communication engineering.i want to prepare for ESE exam.which material is good for that?

  126. sample notes of all the three above 2499/2999/4999 and what are the difference amoung them..please tell me tq

  127. For doing payment….we have to do paytm on 9412538138?

  128. After reading the sample, the notes seem to be good and understandable. But notes should be in colour printout so that headings and notes should be highlighted seperately. It would be an advantage to us.
    Please consider this point. I will be surely buying your notes .

    • Sir we agree with your suggestion, but doing so will impact student’s pocket as color printout is 5 times expensive then black and white printout, you may use highlighter to highlight headings and important points.

  129. My order no. Is 7059.when it will reach to Tirupati?

  130. I was really struggling in preparing for IES then my friend suggested me to prepare from an online source and i must say It was the best advice anyone had given me.

  131. Sir I want to prepare 2019 gate+psu and ies please guide me ,am final year student of btech electrical and electronics engg.I want ies General studies material also ,I don’t have basic knowledge about it

    • 1 year is more than enough to prepare for gate and ies, read one topic from our notes and side by side solve previous year papers topicwise.

  132. alamanda.bhargava

    How can I order for books 4499 package of electrical engg , can I get any receipt.

    • On this page a package table is there, select 4499 package from the table, you will receive payment slip on your email id automatically.

  133. Sir I want IES MASTER civilengg hand written class notes…will it available with you

  134. is this notes is sufficient for preparing GATE? what is the size of packing?

  135. sir,is this product will not have cash on delivery?

  136. Somesh Kumar Nigam

    Sir I am in Ist year in Btech with civil branch
    I have decided for IES preparation so tell me what should I do In 1st year and give me some important advice plz reply fast

    • Complete your non tech part first like – math-aptitude and general studies and engineering aptitude first. From next year make strong base on your core subjects. Refer out notes available on for more guideline

  137. Is there any study material for upsc, hudco exam for architects?? Or any previous years solved question papers??

    • Civil engineering material is for gate+ies+psu and upsc+ssc and all engineering exam. Kindly refer and match your architect syllabus if it may help you.

  138. Is the latest ESE syllabus of mechanical eng completely covered in these notes and does it contain topicwise solved examples??

    • Notes will be as per 2019 syllabus, including all previous year questions was not possible as they are handwritten notes, sample problems are there.
      For previous year topic wise question you may follow made easy/ace Academy/arihant publication book for practice

  139. sir ,for prparing GATE and IES which package shall i go?

  140. is sk mondal sir’s notes sufficient for gate and ese which u provided on website because it’s only upto 2010 pls suggest ?

  141. Sir .
    Im in 2nd year civil engineering my digree will have been completed in 2020. I want to prepare for gate and ies which package is good for me.

  142. Thank you sir,
    got my notes today!!
    really nice notes..thanks again!

  143. Hello Sir, I’m in 2nd year now and I want to prepare for GATE 2020. If I order this notes now will it be useful for GATE 2020 because you clearly mentioned their its for GATE 2019. Is their any change in syllabus every year in GATE ?

  144. Thanku so much brother, ies prelims cleared this time, thnkuuu sooo much…

  145. My name is Sai Prasanth K.I paid money on 19/02/2018 and I want to know the status of my order whether it is placed or not?? How can I know it?

  146. Sir can u tell me the difference between the notes of gate+ies+psu that provide @2999 and the madeeasy and Ace notes available on the @2000.
    Plz do reply asap.

    • I am confused which notes do I purchase??

      • Ace and Made Easy notes are of random students of made easy and ace academy , notes qualified students notes and are the mixture of ace+made easy+self notes, after notes there will be no need to purchase made easy/ace notes

        • Thank u sir.
          when u r going to publish your new and updated notes for ies gate 2021 ECE BRANCH,
          Which I suppose to give bcoz recently I am in 1st year 2nd semester.

          • Same notes will help you, if you wait for 2021 edition then you will get only 1 year for preparation. This time you have 3.5 year. Same edition will help to make strong base for gate and ese.

          • But I have heard that , Gate Syllabus changes every 3 – 4 year , so how it will be useful for gate 20 and 21 batch

          • Yes this is true, but not a whole syllabus changes, some topics are added or eliminated. In our notes we have covere GATE+IES+PSU syllabus, even if syllabus changes all topics will be in our notes.
            It is upto you to study 4 year syllabus in one year and order 2021 edition, or to start preparation early.

  147. Serious students k liye kaafi acchey notes h, mene poorey ek saal ye notes aur book aur previous year question lagaaye. Agar sahi strategy k sath padho to help milegi notes se.
    Jo students iss saal prepraion kr rahey h wo bs ek galti mat karna – 3 subject k baad 4th subject jabtak mat start krna jab tak pichley teen sahi se revise na kr lo.
    GATE 2017 m mne yahi galti kri thi aur poora saal padh k bhi 55 no. aaye they bs, GATE 2018 m 78 marks expect kr rha hu official key k hisaab se.
    Easy subject se hi start krna preparation warna hard wala utha lia to starting m hi bore ho jaaogey aur 10 din baad GATE ki jagah SSC bank ki sochney lagogey aur fir private ki, time lagega bhaiyo but ho jaayega ek saal m sabka. Bs roz time dena hoga.

  148. Do you have these notes in pdf format also.

  149. Sir iss gateiespsu total notes me kitna kuch he matlab ki ebooks mock papers aise Kya Kya he ? Me Janna chahata hu

  150. need to crack isro mechanical exam which package is enough?
    whether these notes includes all the important things in ace and made easy hand written notes ?
    Please do reply. so that i can finalize and order the item

  151. do you people provide notes for metallurgy and materials engineering, including engineering mathematics?

  152. Sir how many days taking to courier to madikeri (karnataka)

  153. For electrical branch these notes are sufficient for ies,and what are the pages for each subject in notes,

  154. sir, i am from kolkata how many day it will take to deliver,if i place an order today?

  155. Hello sir,

    For 2019 after some days, you publish new notes
    It’s remain same notes,
    Because I want to purchase latest one notes,

    So I confused for purchase now
    Or after some months
    Means when comes with modification.

    So sir will you help me
    About that condition??

  156. Cleared GATE 2018 with AIR 202 , thank U very much for your notes

  157. Sir, I need to prepare for Gate Exam Mechanical 2019. Which Package i have to go for? Your notes contains solved numericals also with important concepts.

  158. Sir kya sirf ese ke gs ke notes mil sakte hai aur kya price hoga

  159. Do these notes cover total GATE and ESE Mechanical syllabus completely or just sample knowledge.

  160. Hi I am Saurabh, this year i got AIR 86 , your notes helped me very much. I want give my self made notes to your team so you people help juniors by providing my notes to them.

    • email your details on , our team member will collect your notes and after scanning them they will return your original notes and will give your best notes to juniors, we will give credit to you in notes for this help.

  161. Please start giving Agricultural Engineering handwritten notes….

  162. Khalidah parveen

    I got my notes….. THANKS ALOT

  163. Good notes, many direct questions were asked in todays BARC exam, overall satisfied with your hardwork for us.

  164. Sir, For the package of Rs 2499, will Engg. Mathematics notes be attached? (for EE branch)

  165. Navdeep Rajpoot

    Ge sir , i am final year student of civil engineering.
    Sir kya is pakage se gate cross ho skta hai.
    Plz sir help me , i am very weak i will purchase this pakage

  166. Sir
    M from chandigarh if i order the notes then how much days it would take to reach at chandigarh..

  167. Best notes, shortlisted for BARC interview. Thank you very much sir/mam for your effort.

  168. Excellent notes, many direct question in today’s ISRO exam paper. Value for money.
    Please also share daily current affairs on your website. It will keep us updates as in some PSUs GK is asked.
    Again, thanks for your notes

  169. Where is cod option on payment mode sir

  170. I want to buy GATE Instrumentation notes. I want to know the year of publish of this material provided?
    I mean OLD material or NEW material?
    How many SUBJECTS are there ? And how much WEIGHT it will be?
    I also want to know about the quality of HANDWRITING?

  171. Navdeep Rajpoot

    Sagar mp me ye notes kab tak mil jayege

  172. Got the material today. Awsum material if we can do smart and hardwork there s definitely do a exam better..thanks

  173. Bhoomeni Narendhar

    Hi sir/madam …your package of mechanical engineering gate 2019 will have how many note books ..if so many note books are provided in your package then each book consist of how many pages…

  174. Nice notes, purchased after gate so not cover all notes, but in iit mumbai mtech interview many questions were from notes. Hope they will help in my IES preparation also

  175. Good job by team, nice collection. Satisfied

  176. Can I buy these notes from some store in Delhi or not. Means where I can go and pick em up. Just wanna know that

  177. Bhoomeni Narendhar

    Sir package delivery is available in villages is there ??

    • Yes we deliver all over india, city+village both. For village we use speed post method.

      • Priyanka Parasiya

        Sir, I have ordered the Gate package from dhanbad, till there is no tracking id on the list for me. how much will it take?

  178. hi,

    received the books today,content is quiet helpful for preparations.But the only thing is book names are not mentioned .It would be great if you will be able to provide us with the book names for 2750 package for Electronics and Telecommunication branch.

    thank you

    • Kindly check from 3rd page, page names are written before starting topic, on front page we dont mentioned page name but will update. Thnx for feedback

  179. Rajiv Akepogu.

    Where can I get these notes in Chennai?

  180. Pavan Sai kumar

    Hi sir, In “GATE+PSU” notes ( 2250) and GATE+IES+PSU+IES1 ( 2750), Is the core subject notes content ( i mean 20 subject list like fluid mechanics, RAC, Material science,…) will be same or different. What I would like to know that , For example Fluid mechanics- In GATE+PSU notes and In GATE+IES+PSU+IES1 notes CONTENT will be same or different.


    • Same content, only topics are as arranged as per syllabus and exam requirement

      • Pavan Sai kumar

        sorry sir…, I didn’t get…your point.. Actual my problem is that Intially i will order 2250…at the end of my preparation i will order IES1..But .., I want to know that is they any missing points in material of IES technical points, which I would ordered GATE+PSU

        • Sir in gate+PSU some technical subjects like mechatronic , renewable energy are not covered as they are only for ies, if you order gate+psu now and ies paper 01 later then you will still miss these subjects and will have to pay more.

  181. Today I have ordered 2999 mechanical engineering material. SO this will be helpful for both the IES and GATE too. One more doubt I have is with respect to the Gate, Am I having the exact topics which I will get in GATE exam but I have purchased the IES material too.

  182. Piyush Solanki

    Satisfied with your content, good work in all subjects. But received on 9th day from order date.

  183. Pavan Sai kumar

    Hi sir.., I have one more query that 2999 mechanical package and 2750 mechanical package is different or same.. So that I will make payment now. Thanks

  184. Pavan Sai kumar

    I’m at Hyderabad…When will expect to come.. Plz provide the link for full payment

    • 5-7 days , on homepage you will see a package table, select your package by clicking “buy now” , purchase the item and on cart page click on “proceed to checkout” , on checkout page fill your address details and by making payment online you will receive your order details and payment details on your email id, and we will receive your order and will courier it within 24 hours.

  185. Pavan Sai kumar

    I have paid now, is it any necessary to sent the billing invoice

  186. Bhoomeni Narendhar

    Sir your package will have numerical problems on each subject …is it have r not

    • Complete theory+derivation+sample problem are in notes, still we suggest to use chapterwise gate solved book by made easy/ace academy/arihant publication , notes are made by toppers during preparation time so it was not possible to write all question and there solution. Sample problem are there. But to boost your performance use any chapterwise book. Complete one chapter from notes and side by side solve as much questions as you can from book.

  187. Bhoomeni Narendhar

    Which notes we will refer …you mentioned madesay and ace academy and topper notes .i will get confused to buy which notes i have to buy ..plz tell me which one is good for preparation

    • Topper notes are good they are the collection of made easy+ace academy+self study , we conduct interview of toppers and they provide there notes.

  188. I purchased toppers note for mechanical engineering of GATE+PSU+IES 2750 PACKAGE by 24th May 2018. I had given the address of mumbai.order Number-8815,when will it reach to my address?

  189. Dear sir,

    Today I placed order for gate+psu+ies+ies paper 1. could you please let me know when I will receive the package to banglore.
    Order # 8854.
    thank you.

  190. Bhoomeni Narendhar

    Dear sir , today I placed order Gate + Psu package ..could you please let me know when I will receive my package to Hyderabad …plz tell me and For Gate exam topper notes ..upto how many marks we can expect from your topper notes …plz tell me sir..

    • 5-6 days expected time of delivery, if ready daily and do previous year paper side by side then may get rank under 250 but if dont read regularly then no guarantee. Nealry 2 Lakh sets were sold last year and most of the orders were from reputed institutes like iit/isro etc. and under 10 rank holders used our notes. Result will come definitely if you do regular hard work.

    • bro send me ur mobile no,,

  191. Bhoomeni Narendhar

    Sir where can I track my order I’d ….my order I’d is 8858 plz tell me

  192. Bhoomeni Narendhar

    Sir my tracking status doesn’t updated ..when it will shows my tracking update

  193. Sir pls give one best suggestion for get rank top 200 below in gate exam…tell me sir …

  194. Billu Kumar Pravesh

    Hello sir.

    Please provide me a good suggestion about the gate. We buy the note of computer science. Please help me.

    • 2499 package is best for computer science engineering technical exams , 3999 combo is good for technical and ssc+bank exam

  195. Sir, I have ordered civil engineering gate+PSU package rs.2499 today,please check it and when will it deliver to me ,I am from tamilnadu

  196. sir, i am not able to track my order as in tracking section it is showing couriered and not showing tracking id.

  197. Thank, cleared ISRO written stage. Hope notes will also help in interview. Good notes

  198. I placed order on 23 june….when will it deliver to me plzz check …..

  199. Sir plz check when my notes will deliver…i placed order on 23 june

  200. I am M S Sajjan from karnataka.i am interested to self study.still i am 3rd year of EEE.i am interested to get good rank in gate.but i am unable to understand that can i prepare books or study materials.i am ready read and practice the problems.but i dont know authors of books.plz help final year i can read study materials.

  201. I want notes of engineering according to university syllabus. Eg: UPTU Civil Engineering notes.
    Can you guide me please?

  202. Sir i am in my 2nd year of engineering with computer science, is your notes for gate is enough to get good marks in gate exam.

  203. sir in your website you have given link to download notes is this your website to to get notes for gate exam or if not then from i can get your notes..

    • Yes is also our website, has 3 Lakh plus daily visitors , so sometime our server become down. thats the reason we sell our notes on to avoid fail transactions.

    • Manikanta Oturi

      Sir, mine oturi manikanta purchased gate nd ies 2999rs material on 7/7/2018, till now i dnt received that material when did i can expect to receive that material

  204. dear sir, am now 3rd year of mechanical engg. i decided to crack the gate,so what can i do. and when i refer your notes and which package is most suitable to me…please tell me sir.

    • 2999 package cover all syllabus, read one topic from our notes and side by side solve previous year gate solved book

  205. i will give gate exam in 2021
    should i buy these notes now

  206. viswanath motanna

    sir iam completed my mechanical in 2018. and amm not qualified in GATE exam……
    but i was very interested in UPSC. exspecailly in IES …….
    sir tell mee any suggatation for mee….
    sir kindly reply mee…..

  207. Can you please send sample of the handwritten notes.

    Civil engineering

  208. hi sir,

    Apart from buying these notes, I need to buy books also or these notes enough for the preparation. suggest me.

    • Read one topic from notes and side by side solve previous year chapterwise solved gate book by made easy or ace academy

  209. Wht is the difference between topper notes and made easy note

    • Made easy notes are the notes by made easy students. Topper notes are the collection of qualified students who were the students of made easy or ace academy or were doing self preparation. we simply conduct there interviews they give their notes to us. And we sell there notes photocopy at very minimum price.

  210. Thank you so much for the valuable study material.

  211. Thank you so much for the valuable study material.

  212. Sir,my name vijay i’m studing mechanical engineering in 3rd year, i appread GATE+PSU in 2020, which package is the best, please suggest me sir,,, i’m confusing,,,

  213. Sir, I am currently studying in 4th year , grade ECE. I want to appear for 2019 gate exam but am not much well prepared till now. Will these notes help me in qualifying the exam?

  214. Sir, I live in udaipur Rajasthan. Can you supply ece notes here ? and if yes how many days will we get the notes ?

  215. I am B. Tech. (Elec) IIT/Kanpur – 1978 batch and want to do M. Tech. in BME. Which Gate (2019) subject should I appear for? EE, Electronics and Communication or Instrumentation?

  216. Hello.. I am preparing for Gate 2019. If i study only your notes, will i be able to qualify Gate 2019 exam with good marks.??

  217. Sir, I am preparing for Gate 2019. If I study only your notes, will I be able to qualify Gate 2019 exam with good marks??

  218. Sir is Primary manufacturing topics book are given or not along with 2999 or 2499 pack?.It is not mentioned in mechanical engineering listed books and i want to know is the writing is good for all the topic books?

  219. Sir I passed in 2015 I did preparation but now mood changed for IES and I have back in 5 semester PWG of 4 marks I got the degree M I eligible for IES

  220. will i be able to get a good score in gate for computer science



    Don’t you have GATE Biotechnology notes?

  222. Gate and IES pre -Same Syllabus?

  223. Sir, I observed in IES notification if working in organisations under railways,dot,etc. Age relaxation of 5 years eligible.
    Iam working in bsnl, my age is I eligible in unreserved category for ies, as bsnl is psu under dot

  224. Hello sir , I didn’t Started till now, Still 4 and half months will there. Can I get rank in gate exam? And if I study now can I select for PSU JOBS???? ….

    • Sir it purely depends on your handwork and previous knowledge, you may prepare from our notes to complete maximum syllabus in this short time and to achieve good rank

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